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Heritage Land Services' depth of knowledge and years of experience cannot be duplicated, particularly with regard to local, state and federal standards and regulations. Many current HLS associates were formerly administrators and policy makers with ODOT’s Real Estate Administration and were active in the development, implementation and enforcement of standards and requirements governing right-of-way acquisition, appraisal and relocation.


We strategically assemble project teams that match the needs of each project with team member’s skill set and ability to successfully complete the assignment based on existing workload. HLS has a wealth of experienced professionals who can be called upon to supplement project teams as demanded by project progress or other external changes.

ODOT Prequalifications


  • project management

  • title research

  • value analysis

  • property closing

  • negotiation

  • appraisal

  • appraisal review

  • relocation

  • relocation review

Leadership / Local Contacts


Christopher E. Howard


An experienced project manager, property agent, relocation counselor, and property manager, Mr. Howard exemplifies the cross training of the real estate acquisition staff at Heritage Land Services. He manages all aspects of the acquisition process for projects, coordinating client contact, project team activities and company resources to ensure that projects proceed as planned.


Mr. Howard has played an integral role on several of the most high-profile acquisition projects in the state and serves tirelessly to insure that our clients’ goals are achieved and their expectations are exceeded. With over 19 years of real estate experience, Mr. Howard has worked directly on projects in 73 of Ohio’s counties, all 12 ODOT Districts, and all 4 ODOT Regions.


Jane Roberts


Ms. Roberts has more than 40+ years of right-of-way experience, gained in part during a 29-year career with ODOT, and has worked on a wide range of projects, including commercial, residential and agricultural properties. She has extensive experience in interpreting right-of-way plans and legal descriptions.


She has performed all facets of residential and business relocations including preparation of conceptual stage and pre-acquisition reports, establishment of replacement housing payments, determination of move cost findings, reviewing estimates from professional movers and contractors and attending real estate closings on replacement sites to assure proper distribution of funds.

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