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Heritage Land Services performs all right-of-way acquisition services and functions in-house, without the loss of project control, project delays, and costs associated with hiring multiple consultants. Our comprehensive set of competencies include the following services:

Title Research

Proper planning and fact-finding are critical to meeting project land needs. Even the most carefully designed project will lose time and money without accurate title work. HLS performs comprehensive title searches, including determining boundaries and easements, confirming ownerships and providing summaries that identify ownership interests that could impact the project goals.


Contacting Owners

HLS contacts property owners to open a dialogue for successful negotiations and acquisitions. We have many years of experience working with property owners to give them a better understanding of a project and the process by which land is acquired. HLS works as an extension of project sponsors and maintains timely, professional and courteous interaction at all times.


Appraisal/Appraisal Review

The fair market value estimate is the basis for reaching a settlement with property owners. A carefully-prepared appraisal is the best assurance of reaching a satisfactory settlement early in the process. HLS maintains a staff of state-certified appraisers and appraisal reviewers to secure and/or perform appraisals as defined by federal and state law.



HLS begins discussions with property owners with the goal of reaching a satisfactory settlement for all project stakeholders. We have many years of experience working with property owners to give them a better understanding of the project and the process by which their land is being acquired.


Relocation Assistance/Relocation Review

HLS provides relocation services to ensure full compliance with state and federal statutes. Those statutes include the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970 and 49CFR, Part 24, providing relocation assistance services for the fair and equitable treatment of displaced persons or businesses.


Property Management

HLS provides property management services, including securing rental agreements, preparing required sale or demolition contracts, and performing maintenance on land and structures to discourage vandalism and promote proper public appearance. Superior property management helps reduce project costs while positively affecting safety and public opinion.



HLS has the knowledge and ability to secure mortgage releases, track down unknown heirs of mineral and oil/gas ownership interests, release timber rights, distribute funds and perform all of the intricate details needed to secure the desired ownership interest in a property.

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