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About Us


Headquartered in Westerville, Ohio, HLS possesses the largest, most experienced staff in Ohio, more than double the size of our largest competitor, and five to 10 times larger than other firms within the industry.


Our professionals aren't just book-smart--among us are people who have operated city traffic systems, spent weeks on construction sites, run local governments, and developed statewide policies. They have knocked on residents’ doors and addressed public meetings. Their hands-on experience adds real-life insight to the decisions we make and the work we perform.


Because we provide all right-of-way acquisition services in-house, we are often able to complete multiple tasks concurrently to bring projects to completion ahead of schedule.

Our Commitment


Our commitment to assisting clients with the project development process includes meeting both their immediate and future needs for high-quality, comprehensive, and long-lasting project solutions. We must provide high-quality service to clients on every project we are assigned to build enduring client relationships. Our  competitive edge depends on our ability to ensure clients “keep coming back.”


HLS prides itself on being available to clients and property owners day or night, weekday or weekend. We provide answers to all questions in a timely, efficient manner to keep clients and property owners well informed. Frequent and clear communication is essential in keeping a project moving, reaching proposed deadlines, and ensuring that at the conclusion of the project all involved parties feel positive about the experience.


In all projects, we follow state-of-the-art technical practices, coupled with efficient management, to achieve a high level of service.

HLS Services


• Appraisal

• Appraisal Review

• Negotiation

• Property Management

• Project Management

• Real Estate Brokerage

• Real Estate Closing

• Relocation Assistance

• Relocation Review

• Title Research

• Value Analysis

Office Locations



4150 Tuller Road, Ste. 214

Dublin, OH 43017




23 Triangle Park Drive

Suite 2300

Cincinnati, OH 45246


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